Fraction, Matt

About the Author:

Matt Fraction is married to writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.



4 out of 5

(1 book)

Punisher War Journal: Civil War

(Art by Ariel Olivetti and Mike Deodato)

A tie-in to 'Civil War' by Mark Millar, in which the Superhuman Registration Act tears the Marvel Universe apart.  With the world's heroes fighting each other, Frank Castle is hard pressed to keep down the supervillains attempting to take advantage, particularly with SHIELD's G. W. Bridge in hot pursuit.  However, the Punisher is forced to take a side in the Civil War when he saves Spider-Man from two supervillains who have been sanctioned by Iron Man himself. 

Castle's involvement with the rebellious Secret Avengers is the best element of this book, particularly the up and down relationship between him and Captain America, whom we learn helped to train Castle before Vietnam. 

The second-best element of this book is seeing the Punisher take on (and take down) the Rhino!

4 out of 5

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