Farshtey, Greg


2 out of 5

(2 books)

Lego Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu - Mask Of The Sensei

(Art by Paulo Henrique)

Book 2.  Following the defeat of Samukai, denizens of the Underworld have escaped into the world of Ninjago.  Meanwhile, Sensei Wu begins to act strangely and embarks on a plan to conquer Ninjago and become its emperor.

There's something of jump between the first book and this one, which is only briefly recapped at the beginning here, which suggests that some major story events happened either in the Ninjago movie or TV series (Is there a TV series?  I assume so.) which this book has to take into account.  What follows is a marginally more enjoyable story than the last one, being a bit less slapsticky and having a noticibly more engaging narrative.

Ultimately, though, it's still a graphic novel aimed at kids and, not being one, I can't say it rocked my world.

2 out of 5


Lego Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu - The Challenge Of Samukai!

(Art by Paulo Henrique)

Book 1 of the Ninjago graphic novels.  The villainous Samukai, ruler of the Underworld, makes a bet with his rival Lord Garmadon that he can destroy the ninjas Cole, Zane, Jay and Kai, with the fate of the world of Ninjago in the balance.

First off it's worth noting that before reading this book I had no knowledge of or interest in Lego Ninjago.  However, I picked up two of these graphic novels very cheaply and am always willing to give things a try.  To it's credit, this book takes the possibility of newcomers into account and gives a basic recap of the history of the characters involved, from Sensei Wu's rivalry with Garmadon to how Kai joins the ninja to save his sister Nya.

Basically, this book is exactly what you'd expect; a fairly shallow tie-in to a toy line that's aimed at younger readers.  I have to say, it did put me fondly in mind of the Ewoks cartoon tie-in comics that I used to love when I was a kid.  It's not necessarily bad, but there's no subtext or themes that would engage an older reader. 

2 out of 5


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