Lawhead, Stephen

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Stephen Lawhead lives in Austria.



1 out of 5

(1 book)

In The Hall Of The Dragon King

The first book of the Dragon King saga.  The young religious acolyte Quentin finds himself called upon to save the kingdom of Mensandor from the plots of Nimrood the necromancer. 

Everything about this book falls into the following three categories; unoriginal, predictable and boring.  Quentin is an entirely generic main character, the sort that appears in almost every fantasy saga in one form or another (generally done better than here) and his companions are the epitome of cliche.  Their adventures range from boring to pointless as they traipse across an equally generic fantasy landscape for reasons that I don't care enough about to remember. 

Lawhead's biggest crime, however, is his creation of Nimrood.  Nimrood's plots are laughable, his character about as scary as last week's dirty laundry (actually, that pair of socks...), but worst of all is the fact that he ends most of his sentences with, and I quote, "Hahaha!", like some cheap B-movie villain. 

This book is too cliche and too boring to be worth reading and certainly hasn't inspired me to continue reading the series.  In fact, the other two have been sat on my bookshelf for well over a decade now, untouched.

Followed by 'The Warlords of Nin'.

1 out of 5


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