DeMatteis, J. M.


5 out of 5

(1 book)

Spider-Man And Batman: Disordered Minds

(Art by Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna and Mark Farmer)

Marvel and DC, the two most famous comics publishers, have often crossed their characters over into each other's universes, but here is the meeting of my favourite characters from each.  This, sadly too short, book focuses on the interactions between the four main characters; the Dark Knight and the Web Slinger of the title and their most crazed nemesis, the Joker and Carnage. 

Justice is more than done to the characters of Batman and Spider-Man, from the way they cope with their somewhat similar origins (loved-one gunned down) to the clash of their very different personalities (dark and moody versus wise-cracking and upbeat).  However, what really made this book stand out for me was the interaction between Carnage and the Joker.  At first they seem like perfect allies, both lunatics who get their kicks from murdering innocents.  But soon we see that Carnage's indescriminate and brutal nature is actually completely at odds with the Joker's sense of, in his own words, theatre.  I particularly enjoyed the bit where the Joker describes himself as the Orson Welles of crime and chaos, going on to liken Carnage more to David Hasselhof and Dolph Lundgren. 

In short then, this book is the best Marvel/DC crossover I've read to date.

5 out of 5

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