2000AD franchise

The British comic book franchise which features such iconic characters as Judge Dredd, the ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper and Tharg the Mighty.

(Where appropriate I've included notes to help you find your preferred characters/series - you may notice I have something of a preference for Dredd stories...)



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Al Ewing (Judge Dredd)

Alan Grant (Judge Dredd)

Peter Milligan (Bad Company)

Pat Mills (Slaine)

Alan Moore (Halo Jones, Abelard Snazz)

Gordon Rennie (Missionary Man)

John Smith (Judge Dredd)

John Wagner (Judge Dredd)


B. (Judge Dredd)

J. (Judge Dredd)

T. (Judge Dredd)


J. (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog)

P. (Judge Dredd)