X-Men & Ghost Rider: Brood Trouble In The Big Easy

by Scott Lobdell & Howard Mackie

(Art by Jim Lee, Ron Wagner and Mike Witherby)

A crossover story in which the X-Men and Ghost Rider (obviously) get drawn into the blood feud between New Orleans' thieves and assassins.  However, there is a much more dangerous foe in play; the ravenous alien race known as the Brood.

Honestly, there's not much to love about this book.  It's very short, not very deep and, to make matters worse, I found myself reading the very poorly edited version published by Boxtree in the UK.  It's like it was stitched together by someone who'd never read a graphic novel and didn't realise comics could be seamlessly edited together if you put in just a tiny bit of work.  If you read other editions of this book you won't have this problem, however.

What you will have are the problems that are inherent to the story.  Namely, none of the characters really gets any time to shine due to the bizarre decision to have the entire population of the X-Mansion head for New Orleans on what is, mostly, a personal matter for Gambit.  This would've been far better if maybe it had only been Gambit, Wolverine and Ghost Rider in play.  And maybe Jubilee because I like her relationship with Logan.  As it is, no-one is done justice by cramming everyone in.  The Brood are a crap, cheap rip-off of the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise too, so having them be the baddies just makes it all worse.

Honestly, this book's one redeeming feature is only present part of the time; Jim Lee's iconic artwork.  I used to own a t-shirt with his famous X-Men montage image on it.  I miss that shirt.  I won't miss this book.

2 out of 5