Woodring, Jim


3 out of 5

(1 book)

Star Wars: Jabba The Hutt - The Art Of The Deal

(Art by Art Wetherell and Monty Sheldon)

5 BBY.  A collection of four linked misadventures for the 'vile gangster' who all men thank for putting Princess Leia in that gold bikini!  They all involve Jabba finding himself on the receiving end of a raw deal, only to turn things to his advange in some clever and ruthless way. 

There's nothing ground-shakingly good about this book, but it is fun and does show Jabba's relationships with his 'friends' (particularly Bib Fortuna).  I'd also like to give this book the award for the most gruesome Star Wars graphic novel as it involves aliens being disolved in acid, people being explosively decompressed (in Jabba's words "Ha! I love to watch 'em pop!") and the Hutt eating a girl alive, amongst other things. 

It also has the most amusing caption bubble I've ever seen in a comic, with the words "Vench my skug, we've been farkled!"

3 out of 5


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