Way, Daniel


2 out of 5

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Woverine: Origins & Endings

Set in the aftermath of 'House of M' (by Brian Michael Bendis), Logan has finally recovered the entirety of his memories.  But as he begins to explore his forgotten past, he may come to wish that he'd never remembered at all.

At first I thought there would be plenty of mileage in exploring how Logan reacts to suddenly having access to all of his lost memories, but this book rapidly stole away my hopes on that front.  The author is very careful not to actually reveal much of any great significance, with us just having to accept that Logan's remembering something important without ever finding out what it is.  Honestly, the tackling of Logan's past is so cynically oblique that I actually began to actively resent the book for its refusal to actual give us any details.

There's still a modicum of fun to be had seeing Logan on his perpetual hunt for his past, the scenes with the similarly amnesiac Winter Solider are the high point, but overall this book is a tedious exercise in how not to actually tackle anything significant.

2 out of 5

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