Waid, Mark


3 out of 5

(1 book)

Captain America: Man Without A Country

(Art by Ron Garney and Scott Koblish)

When secrets known only to Captain America fall into enemy hands, combined with his recent alliance with the Red Skull, the President of the United States strips Steve Rogers of his title and of his American citizenship.  Allying himself with the equally disavowed former SHIELD agent Sharon Carter, Steve sets off across Europe to foil the Machinesmith and clear his name.

This is a perfectly adequate 'protagonist has to clear his name after being framed' story, no more nor less than that.  We all know that Captain America isn't a traitor, so there's little for the reader to do except wait until he's eventually proven innocent.

There are two slightly more interesting elements to this book, thankfully.  The first is Sharon Carter who is still romantically drawn to Steve but ultimately discovers that she's indulging a fantasy rather than acting on any real chemistry.  The second is simply that, to save the POTUS, Steve has to seek help from a very unlikely source; Doctor Doom.  However, these elements don't do enough to raise the story above the aforementioned level of 'perfectly adequate'.

3 out of 5

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