Rudden, Dave

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Dave Rudden has worked as an actor and a teacher and lives in Dublin, Ireland.



4 out of 5

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Doctor Who: Twelve Angels Weeping

An anthology of twelve short stories, each focusing on one of the Doctor's famous antagonists; Weeping Angels, Ice Warriors, Time Lords, Cybermen, Silence, Sontarans, Silurians, Ood, Zygons, Daleks, Judoon and the Master.  Although not every story features the Doctor, the Fourth (Tom Baker), War (John Hurt), Eleventh (Matt Smith), Twelfth (Peter Capaldi) and Thirteenth (Jodie Whittaker) incarnations all make appearances.

Although the introduction to the book references the 'halfway out of the dark' speech from the 2010 Christmas special and makes a point of midwinter festivals across the galaxy, this is not really a Christmas themed anthology.  Certainly not in the way 'Twelve Doctors of Christmas' (reviewed here) was.  Instead the theme is very much focused on the villains of the Whoniverse with various other famous baddies woven into the narratives of the main twelve, including the Sycorax, the Rani, the Racnoss and the Krillitanes.

As with any anthology, there are good stories here and not-so-good ones, but Rudden keeps the book fresh throughout by using different narrative styles and tones for each story.  For example, as well as standard narratives, we also get the internal thoughts of a Cyberman in battle or the computerised briefing of a Sontaran warrior straight out of the cloning vats.  Each with very different formats, the first of these is very sombre and melancholy, whilst the second is the comical highlight of the book.  I particularly liked the history of all the times courageous Sontarans have defeated the Doctor by achieving their ultimate goal of dying bravely in battle.

Although the Weeping Angels story and the Silurians one, the latter featuring the Paternoster Gang (whom I love), were strong contenders for my favourite story of the bunch, it has to go to 'The Third Wise Man' featuring the iconic Daleks.  That story takes us into the early years of the Time War and has the War Doctor, my favourite incarnation, confronting Davros and his latest creation; the Nightmare Child.

Overall, a really enjoyable anthology.  Sure there are some lulls, but the majority is entertaining Who fare in which everyone will be able to find their favourite villain.   (Unless, for some insane reason, the Slitheen are your favourites.  Weirdo.)

4 out of 5


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