Rangel Jr., Fabian


3 out of 5

(1 book)

Blood Brothers: Hermanos De Sangre - The Case Of The Missing Skull

(Art by Javier Martin Caba)

In a world where creatures of myth and legend live alongside ordinary humans, two police detectives are tasked with tracking down a stolen cursed skull.  Brothers, Diego can see ghosts due to an old war wound and Gabriel is a luchador who glows when monsters are nearby.

The premise above sounds pretty ludicrous and we are very much thrown in at the deep end of this crowdfunded graphic novel, so if you can't imagine yourself enjoying a book where one of the main characters glows in the dark and wears a wrestling mask, then this is definitely not for you.  I try to be pretty open-minded, so was more than willing to give this a try.

What I really liked was the distinctly Mexican feel of the overall tone, something which makes this stand out from the American and British graphic novels I'm used to reading.  As for the rest, however, it was just okay.  There's nothing inherently wrong with anything that goes on here but at the same time, beyond the Central American flavour, there's nothing here that really makes the book stand out either.

3 out of 5


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