Quinn, David


1 out of 5

(1 book)

Mindhunter: Aliens - Witchblade - The Darkness - Predator

(Art by Mel Rubi and Mike Perkins)

I'd tell you the plot behind this odd multiple crossover, but frankly, after three readings, I still don't have a clue myself.  It seems to be about Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) and Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) being trapped in a Matrix-like computer reality aboard a spacestation, on which there are Predators and Aliens, for reasons that escape me. 

The story is so convoluted and incomprehensible that the first time I read it, I wondered if I had a dodgy copy with pages missing, but no, that's how it's supposed to be.  Not even the sexual tension between Sara and Jackie adds anything desirable to the book and I was intensely disappointed by the Alien/Darkness hybrid. 

The idea of a female Predator is interesting and it's well designed, but that's far too minor an element to stop this book being anything but rubbish.

1 out of 5


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