Jurgens, Dan

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Dan Jurgens was born in Ortonville, Minnesota, USA in 1959.  He studied graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design before getting a job with DC Comics.  He currently lives in Minnesota with his wife Ann and children Seth and Quinn.



3 out of 5

(1 book)


(Art by Dan Jurgens and Kevin Nowlan)

Superman finds himself on Argo, a city floating through space apparently inhabited by other Kryptonians, where he must face an infestation of Aliens as his powers dwindle. 

I wasn't particularly impressed with all this, but that's largely to do with my general dislike of Superman as a character.  It was interesting the way Jurgens uses this as an opportunity to tie the story of Kara (the version from the 'Supergirl' movie) into the comic franchise, but not nearly interesting enough. 

Much better than Superman's part of the story is the bits that follow Lois.  She finds herself trapped on a space station, caught between a loose Alien and the Lexcorp operatives who, predictably, want it for weapons research.  Sadly, whilst better than the other bits of the story, Lois' scenes aren't anything we didn't see from Ripley in the Alien movies.

3 out of 5

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