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4 out of 5

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Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All In A Row

Now, I can't stand Buffy or Angel, but I received this book for free and thought 'what the hell'.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

Rather than being about some all-action, bantering teenage Slayer (although there is one of them in it), this book's focus is on the vampire lovers Spike and Drucilla.  Spike and Dru make such good main characters because they really revel in being evil and, lets face it, we all love a good villain. 

It is 1940 and as World War II rages across Europe, Spike has to meet with the demon Skrymir to aquire the magical necklace Freyja's Strand for Dru.  I was pleased to note that Freyja's Strand is a genuine feature of Norse mythology, adding a little more depth to the book.  In exchange for the necklace, Skrymir commands Spike to kill the young Slayers-in-waiting, the pretty maids all in a row.  There follows some rather brutal scenes in which Spike and Dru assault the safehouse of the Watchers' Council and kill lots of little girls.  I was shocked by how adult these events are. 

I was a bit disappointed that the war wasn't made more of a feature in the story though, as there's a lot of potential in the idea of two vampires wandering the battlefields of the Second World War and maybe meeting some famous faces. 

Ultimately the book is carried by the witty and ruthless Spike and the charming but insane Drucilla.  I particularly enjoyed the scene towards the end in which Skrymir makes the mistake of annoying Spike.

4 out of 5


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