Edginton, Ian


4 out of 5

(1 book)

Batman/Aliens Two

(Art by Staz Johnson and James Hodgkins)

A research expedition in 1928 manages to bring xenomorph specimens back to Gotham City.  In the present day the expedition's secret lab is unearthed and the Aliens escape into the city. 

As you would expect, the Aliens fit perfectly into the gothic surroundings of Batman's hometown.  The first half of the book features Batman tracking the xenomorphs across the city and, ultimately, to Arkham Asylum.  However, the story then develops a twist when Batman discovers a secret government project that is combining the alien DNA with that of Arkham's inmates, in order to create a team of hybrid agents capable of policing America's superheroes.  This means that that we are treated to one of the coolest Aliens ever seen, in the form of the xenomorph/Killer Croc hybrid. 

There are two main flaws with this book, however, and the first is the entirely anticlimatic scene in Arkham (the Joker is only in one picture, for God's sake!).  The other flaw is the plot hole that you could fly the Batwing through.  I'm referring, of course, to the hybrid programme.  The ridiculous nature of the idea aside, the hybrids it produces are daft.  The Two-Face hybrid has a scarred face (which isn't genetic and therefore wouldn't be transferred) and Scarecrow (who is just a man in a costume) produces a big scarecrow-looking monster. 

So, I'd suggest you need to engage that faithful old 'willing-suspension-of-disbelief' if you want to enjoy this book.

4 out of 5

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