Casey, Joe


2 out of 5

(1 book)

Wolverine/Cable: Guts And Glory

(Art by Stephen Platt, Batt, Lary Stucker, Bob Wiacek, Mark Pennington, Johnny Greene, Scott Koblish and Rod Ramos)

Nathan Dayspring Summers arrives in the 20th Century and begins to learn about the world he has travelled through time to save, however he has been followed back through time by a powerful enemy.  The rampaging attack of that enemy triggers a response from Canada's top secret Department H and their most potent agent, Weapon X AKA the Wolverine.

I love the premise of this book, having a newly arrived Cable (not actually known as Cable yet, by the way) cross paths with Logan in his days as a Canadian secret agent.  There's loads of story potential both for the crossover and for those particular times in each of the characters' lives.  I liked seeing Cable musing on his intended meeting with the near-mythical Charles Xavier, as well as having a head-on encounter with the Vulture.  It's also good to see Logan in his days as Canada's top secret weapon, before his fateful first encounter with the Hulk and subsequent admission into the X-Men.

The problem is that this is a short one-shot story and none of that great story potential gets explored to any significant degree.  Just as things get interesting, it's all over.  The fact that there was so much possibility here actually makes the book we get seem worse than it actually is simply because it could have been so much more.  Definitely a concept that Marvel should've saved for a full miniseries/longer graphic novel.

2 out of 5

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