Boothby, Ian


2 out of 5

(1 book)

Futurama: The Time Bender Trilogy

(Art by James Lloyd, Steve Steere Jr., John Delaney and Phyllis Novin)

A 'trilogy in four parts', this book begins with Fry, Bender, Leela and Cubert having to enroll in high school on Curriculax and, upon returning to Earth, discovering that the entire human race has been sucked into a time vortex.  Whilst trying to save the world the 'heroes' find themselves scattered throughout time itself.

This book is fine.  Just that, nothing more.  It has some amusing moments, some inane moments and overall comes out as just an okay read.  I would say that perhaps 'Futurama' is something that doesn't transition between media too well and this comic book version just doesn't have the same charm and character as the animated series.

There's plenty of amusing pop-culture references to look out for though, including Harry Potter, The Breakfast Club, Galaga, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.  My favourite comedy moment, however, was the bit where Fry and Leela each explain how they got out of their cliffhanger situations and then it turns to Bender, who was last seen tied to a stake with his robot girlfriend by angry torch-wielding villagers in colonial-era Salem.  "Oh my gosh! How did you escape?" asks Fry, to which Bender replies "Didn't have to.  We're robots.  We don't burn.  Lucky for us, most prejudiced people are morons."

2 out of 5

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